Screen mixes from white to slightly blurry 1970s film stock footage of British housing estate. A group of four chirpy young men are walking down the street, close together. Two are carrying buckets and sponges, the other two are handling a ladder between them. All are wearing white coats, perhaps overalls, and mottled jeans. Images are accompanied by a fast disco-funk piece of music.

Image zooms in, onto the face of the first man.

Caption: TERRY

Terry looks directly at the camera, and grins, running a hand through his longish hair.

Caption: JEZ

The camera pans across to the face of Jez; a thinner, short-haired man who wears a scarf, which he flicks over his shoulder.

Caption: DAVE

Again the camera pans across, revealing the face of Dave; a rather chubby character, with a somewhat spotty complexion. He walks with a slight limp, and visibly stumbles a little before the camera pans across to the final man of the group.


The fourth man has a monocle. His hair is greased and neatly styled. He is smoking a cigar, and his expression reveals nothing of his emotions.

The camera pulls back, and we see all four men walking purposefully towards the camera; at this point, Dave stumbles, knocking into Jez, who spills the contents of his bucked onto the floor.

The camera zooms toward the mess on the pavement; it is not chamois leathers and cleaning agents, but prescription pads and stethoscopes.

Freezing on the image of medical paraphernalia, a new caption flies onto the screen in chunky white lettering, with a slight black shadow.


The music reaches a crescendo, with a synthesised drum ending, before the image fades away with the music.

Anyway, the site's still dead.